The article provides an insightful perspective. In the last week or so the one video that went viral across the world is that of former Chinese premier Hu Jintao being escorted out of a CPC meeting. The circulation of the footage seems to be an attempt by Xi Jinping to show the world that he is in full command and holds immense power. Considering his attitude towards India and stand-on border clashes, the footage seems to suggest that China would continue with its aggressive approach. This should be seen as a concern by not only India but the world powers. This warrants a strong India to balance a world order that benefits all. The article would certainly draw the attention of world leaders to the much-needed action on their part for a peaceful world.

As mentioned in the article, two issues -- producing good quality products and containing hatred need immediate action on part of Indian leaders and policy-makers. They appear to be two major threats that could damage India's reputation.

Look forward to many more such enlightening pieces.

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Two big Communist Country given the complete powers to their leaders which is not healthy for the Global economy. India becomes neutral for Russia and otherside China declares biggest enemy to us. Other countries are attending NATO. The entire strategy is confused,who is favouring us or not. We should independent and face the music. A lot of problems are coming,inflation, unemployment, food crisis, oil crises,war etc.we must be strong.

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