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Mr TK Arun alias Editor Extraordinaire,

Sanjaya's India Last Week brings a mix of two wonderful tracks sung by inimitable Usha Uthup, 'Skyfall in a sari' and 'Jaani Hands Up' with quite many positives.

Honestly speaking, if hips don't lie (quoted by you) with whenever, wherever sung by Shakira, kind of developments taking place in Uttar Pradesh, other unfair political practices pursued by the ruling party time and again with genius and not so genius decision-making on various fronts, energy crisis and stagnant unemployment adds to a deeply unequal landscape.

I would say the situation is no better than accumulation and storage of hollowed-out large logs.

Same as a singer sings slowly and a rapper raps at lightning speed to entertain the audience but none helped the audience get excited and stay spirited for rest of the night or the next week. Leave aside a month or more.

If Mamata Banerjee has an ability to bring in positive trends, our economic, political, social and environment policies can and should rectify faulty trends. That can encourage economic growth, improve employment and promote political accountability in the first place.

Why is it that every time you inject humour for failures, prejudice, discrimination and so much more? I very much enjoy humour as an ardent admirer and ordinary reader but in reality it announces the outcomes, to say the least, the cause for X things with results. This is all from my end. Thank you. #gratitude #weeklyroundup #excellent #currentaffairs

Best wishes for influential writing times ahead!!

Best regards.

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