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Mr TK Arun,

Glad to share my understanding of your weekly roundup with quick spontaneous thoughts - It is crucial for all the Editors in print, digital and electronic news media to set the bar high. Of course, with academic well-being and a strong grip on political-economy, foreign affairs, education, healthcare, defense & environment. Your research must grow as time changes to raise and maintain the bar at all times.

Same like regiments in the armed forces and pole-vaulters set the bar high and break new records with how high they could jump. Another important point is that an Opinion Editor should take the right decisions esp. under mounting pressures of the powers that be, faster than readers and viewers/masses. To access the on-ground situations and setting up a harmonious, growth oriented atmosphere for all.

To specify, I'll say, 'earlier & this weekly news roundup, latest news articles & cursor columns reflect your uncanny ability to recall, write and rewrite urgent current and contemporary issues in light of democracy. I reiterate my point, 'all of it strikes a chord with modern minded, democratic & socially responsible readers & viewers (your discussions & addresses, too)'. The writings should be such that we the readers/viewers should marvel at the content created for the government of the people, for the people, and by the people, shall not perish from the earth. As said by Abraham Lincoln to honour the soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order to do so.

An eye for the revealing of the latest issues and serious challenges and tell-tale behaviours to discern the pulse of the electors & the elected. In order to monitor the drawbacks, failures, successes etc. and evade traps set by the most inhuman, non-performing rulers. Provide opposition the social support which has and may become a backing in the process of power shift in the country including the States & UT's.

Alas, the political powers, executives, judiciary and the sold out media get the message through your strictly professional writings/addresses/discussions etc. from time to time, and give we the citizens the power of discretion to become our main trump card.

You fulfill your individual & mutual responsibility (media & the citizens) and truly make us Proud. You always stay away from the surround sound (gossips). In your case, you are the King of Opinions in India. You have consistently maintained a record of writing what needs not be written (for more than three decades of journalism).

This is how I sum of your weekly roundup. Huge thanks. #brillianceshines

Note; India does not need a politically correct James Bond in the media.

Best regards with Maharamnavami wishes for incredibly great writing and leadership times ahead!

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