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Mr TK Arun,

First four paragraphs bring into picture the impunity enjoyed by 'Nihang Sect of Sikhism (Hindus)' and their supporters and how grisly and gruesome the Hindus are. Many Hindus seem to take masochistic delight in confronting such uncomfortable truths ie; ghastly murders etc.

Aha moment (due for long) may come true with 9.5% growth rate this year. Amen, and so the hunger index may be proved wrong for Indians and India in the long-run as well. Unlike Simba and Hamlet! No fear, right Mr Democratic Opinion Editor!!

Anyways, all political parties have Mr Barkis in one form or the other including the saffron outfit, RSS. Why mock at one party?

No doubt, a decent wrap-up of great and not so great decisions. I, hopefully and confidently, look not for Alladin's magic lamp and its resourceful genie, Mr Barkis (good that I don't make apple pastries) or Gati Shakti but most certainly, naari shakti in the days ahead. Why not think of Scarlet O'Hara, Kate Beckett, Carrie Bradshaw and Cersei Lannister.

When Indian men rank women low and build their own castle....

Thank you for this absolutely multi and individual perspective educational and informative weekly roundup.

Your ardent admirer and loyal reader.

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